Pandemic Effect Study: Exploring Covid-19’s Impact on Ontario’s Women-led Digital Media Businesses

Pandemic Effect Study: Exploring Covid-19’s Impact on Ontario’s Women-led Digital Media Businesses is a study being conducted by CFC Media Lab in partnership with Nordicity and OCAD University’s Super Ordinary Laboratory. The aim of the study is to share insights from the perspective of Ontario’s women entrepreneurs in digital media as they navigate the unprecedented disruption wrought by COVID-19.

Photo: Canadian Film Centre
Photo: CFC Media Lab

Through surveys and participatory design workshops, the Pandemic Effect Study will identify the core changes experienced by female entrepreneurs and the most effective strategies and supports implemented in response. Insights gained through this project will provide guidance and support women digital media entrepreneurs as they face an increasingly uncertain future. Research will build on the feminist business principles already embedded in CFC Media Lab’s Fifth Wave Initiative.

There is a well-documented chasm when it comes to research and analysis on the needs, performance and activities of women-led businesses, both in Canada and globally. What is less well understood, beyond the numbers, is how these women-owned businesses are disproportionately affected by economic uncertainties and disruptions on a daily basis. Gathering data to report on the unique challenges experienced by female digital media entrepreneurs during the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, is necessary to address the lack of gender-based reporting and data gathering in this segment. Without this work, both the successes and failures of women entrepreneurs go unreported, and the problems they face go further unnoticed.

The Pandemic Effect Study’s overall objective is to identify, design and share crisis coping strategies from this crucial cohort. The final report will gain women entrepreneurs recognition as a special interest group that will provide a generation of entrepreneurs and policy-makers with new data covering key gender gaps within this ecosystem, ultimately shifting a mindset—one that helps set new policies and regulations with inclusivity and gender parity in mind.

For more information on this study, contact Julie Whelan.

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